Global Leader in Tunnelling and Mining Equipment

MÜHLHÄUSER is one of the worlds most recognized brands for machinery solutions under ground. We have a world leading position in the development, production, distribution and service of railbound and trackless tunnelling and mining equipment as well as machinery solutions for concrete and chemical applications.

The company was founded in 1907 by three brothers and is still operated by the same family in the fourth generation. Today the name "MÜHLHÄUSER" is synonymous for tailor made logistic solutions for the world of tunnelling and mines.

The story begins with the construction of the first side discharger muck car – made of wood and steel. Throughout European road, railway and water tunnelling projects, right up to global projects MÜHLHÄUSER develops solutions according to the needs of large tunnelling sites and mines around the world.

MÜHLHÄUSER´S product portfolio covers a wide range of your subterranean needs. We have pioneered railbound logistics and today we are the global leader in this field. We have also grown into trackless logistics and offer solutions like conveyor belts and rubber based service vehicles. Our logistic products are complemented by a comprehensive line of machines applying chemicals, shotcrete and concrete.

Delivery is arranged by Mühlhäuser trained service specialists, who carry out commissioning at site, in collaboration with the client's engineers. The company has the largest fleet of more than 1,000 units of rolling stock available for rent or purchase. Just ask us – for your urgent needs on site too.

More than a hundred years of experience with continuously growing and changing demands for tunnelling and mining equipment on all continents have given us a scope unparalleled in the industry. MÜHLHÄUSER equipment can be found in all types of tunnelling projects worldwide – e.g. Channel Tunnel, St. Gotthard Tunnel, New York Metro, Lesotho-Highland-Water-Project of Afrika or Metro-Lines in Doha – to name just a few.