Based in the Asturias coal mining region of northern Spain, Emcor has 30 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of machines and consumables to the underground sector. Equipment from Emcor has helped drive the Spanish tunnelling industry to its present position as the most efficient in the world.

Whether the call is for production machines, material transport, rock support or environmental improvement, Emcor has the answer.

Emcor was set up in 1978 at Oviedo in northern Spain to supply equipment and material for underground coal mining. The company introduced innovative systems that helped to improve productivity, both in the local Asturias mines and in the rest of Spain, and also supplied equipment to South American mines.

The professional team that grew out of this work has allowed Emcor to expand, and it now has four well-defined business units serving the mining, tunnelling and civil engineering, railway, and environmental sectors.

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Rock Support

Rock Support
Highly-experienced Emcor staff will carry out site testing to establish the best means of support for specific situations.

The fast-installation Emcor-Expanbol bolting system is supplied for tunnels and galleries. These feature a breaking load from 120 to 240 KN, and are guaranteed. A full range of pneumatic and electric water pumps for inflation is also available.

Variable length up to 8000 mm 8000 mm 8000 mm
Tube thickness 2 mm 2 mm 3 mm
Bolt diameter 26 mm 36 mm 36 mm
Original tube 41 mm 54 mm 54 mm
Hole diameter 32-39 mm 43-52 mm 43-52 mm
Optimal hole 35-38 mm 45-51 mm 45-51 mm
Breaking load 120 kN 160 kN 240 kN
Minimum elongation 10% 10% 10%
Yield strength 80% 80% 80%
Face plate 150*150*6 (*) 200*200*6 (*) 200*200*8 (*)
Face plate hole 30 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Weight 2 kg/m 2.80 kg/m 3.80 kg/m
Steel Type S355 MC S355 MC S355 MC

A variety of TH steel arches and profiles are available to norm DIN 21544, together with welded joint plates, clamps and bolts. Metal supports in I and U, profiles HEB, IPN and UPN are also supplied. Bernold plate is delivered flat, or rolled to customerís requirements.

Shotcrete fibre to improve the mechanical properties of concrete is supplied as glued or loose type in biodegradable bags of 20 kg or large bags of 1,000 kg. The addition of steel fibre to shotcrete helps control cracking, resists shrinkage stresses, and increases durability. Emcor fibres have a tensile strength from 900-1,400 N/mm2 and diameters from 0.55 mm to 1 mm. Dosing machines with automatic weighing system are available for sale or rent.


Emcor supplies a full range of environmental equipment for tunnelling, including ventilation pipes and fans, air quality instruments, and self-rescuers.

Hydraulic drill rigs, drill steel and bits, and roadheaders are also supplied, together with belt conveyors, monorails, rolling stock and locomotives.


Emcor supplies dust control systems, filters and cyclones, smoke filters, wheel-wash systems and mobile crushers and screens to markets in Spain, the European Union and the Americas. Products are approved officially and certified according to European Union norms, and have ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.

Emcor continues to adapt to customerís requirements, applying thirty years of underground mining experience to the tunnelling industry with great success. Amongst recent references are major construction companies such as Bouygues Construction, Spie Batignolles, Semaica, ACS, Acciona, Ferrovial, Dragados and FCC.

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