CTE Limited
CTE Limited

CTE Ltd was established in 2013 to provide an international sales service for the Tunnelling Equipment manufactured and sold by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co Ltd (CREG).

CTE LimitedTechnical details and full sales proposals for all the Tunnelling Equipment manufactured by CREG is available from CTE Ltd in English and all enquiries will be promptly dealt with.

CTE Ltd is established in Hong Kong, but operates from their international operations office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their engineers will utilize their experience gained from a wide range of projects worldwide, to ensure that the equipment supplied completely fulfils all the requirements of their customers for quality of components and scope of supply, and also to provide a comprehensive after sales service, including the supply of personnel where this is required.

CREGCREG Ltd is the equipment manufacturing branch of China Rail Engineering. They have been supplying and manufacturing tunnelling machines and equipment since 2004 and have now become the leading manufacturer of TBMs in China. Since moving to their new factory in Zhengzhou in 2010, they have supplied over 140 TBMs to projects all over China. In 2012, two EPB machines were sold to the Klang Valley MTR Project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, these being the first machines sold in the International Market.

Experience of both CREG and CTE Engineers covers EPB tunnelling and Slurry tunnelling machines, both of which are available. In 2013, the technology for Hard Rock tunnelling developed over many years of experience by WIRTH was acquired by CREG, and now proposals for hard rock TBM’s can be offered with the confidence of the WIRTH experience.

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Other Tunnelling equipment
In addition to the supply of TBMs, other equipment required by tunnelling contractors is manufactured and can be supplied through CTE Ltd. This other equipment includes

Manufacturing facilities
In Zhengzhou there is a large manufacturing and assembly facility where up to seven TBM’s can be assembled and tested simultaneously. In addition on this site a large R & D facility studies new ideas and equipment, and the design office produces all details and specifications. Two additional factories in Xinxiang and Wuhan fabricate, machine and produce the various components and sub-assemblies before delivering to the main assembly plant in Zhengzhou.