We manufacture machines fully made in Italy.

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Dai Prà is a company that has been working in the consolidation sector for three generations. Our history starts at the beginning of the 20th century with the construction of tunnels and bridges. We then specialised in the study and understanding of the machines to be used for these works.

Today we are a team that designs, customises and manufactures machinery and tools to meet the most diverse needs in the consolidation sector.

The experience we have acquired and the continuous dialogue that we have with our customers allow us to always have new innovative solutions which are in step with the new consolidation techniques. As well as paying attention to energy saving and showing respect for the environment and people.

Our research allows us to patent products that make work on site safer for operators and more productive at the same time.


It has a PLC that allows the setting of the working data, the recording and the subsequent download of data from USB or remotely.

Other equipment we have made:

For further information please visit our website https://www.daipra.it