Carpenteria Metallica Lafer Srl
Via Al Corbè, 15
22076 Mozzate (CO)

CM LAFER and Comtec TCS are a group of companies with over 50 years of experience in the production of special equipment for the infrastructure sector.

The main activity of the Group is concentrated on the design, construction and installation of equipment and metal structures for the construction sector of large infrastructural works around the world.

A sales team and a technical office to support customers in the tender and design phase of the site installations, taking advantage of the long experience and tested achievements.

A production facility with high-tech equipment and highly qualified personnel with all the main international quality certifications.

Large covered and uncovered areas for the completion of test assemblies and final testing of the prototype equipment which are essential for all future activities of the site.

Qualified personnel for the assistance or complete assembly of equipment on site and their final commissioning.

The main types of equipment that CM LAFER and its group can manufacture are:

A group that represents a consolidated partner of the large infrastructure construction companies both in Europe and worldwide for the construction of large underground and external works.