As one of the leading world players in the construction equipment industry with 90 years of history, CIFA has been designing, producing and distributing innovation through its complete range of products for production, transportation and laying of concrete.

Thanks to its record-long experience in underground job sites, CIFA has developed a comprehensive range of machines dedicated to every phase of the concrete supply chain, often in demanding environments which require the highest level of service, 24 hours a day, every day. CIFA has specific solutions for both the mining and tunneling worlds which have been refined ensuring that they deliver high performances and reliability with the strongest focus on operational safety.

Every jobsite has specific requirements and through specific customization, CIFA has a long record of fulfilling any requirement asked of them.

CIFA has a range of underground concrete machinery and formwork answering to concrete delivery demand, both in small mining tunnels and large civil construction projects, thanks to its experience through being part of hundreds of underground projects all over the world.