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System Engineering for Waterproofing and Grouting

Rascor Engineering AG/Ltd develops and produces systems, products and machines for waterproofing, grouting technology and structure preservation and repair. Based in Switzerland, this highly specialised group is represented by its own branches and subsidiaries in a number of European, Asian and Arabian countries. The company has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise, underpinned by a powerful, efficient global network capable of tackling the most challenging and prestigious of international projects. René P. Schmid, who founded Rascor in 1965, still heads the company.

System engineering for preventive and remedial waterproofing

The concentration on system engineering and provision of integral solutions is central to Rascor philosophy. For reasons of quality assurance, Rascor systems are not freely available on the market, but are sold directly to selected contractors, allowing close technical supervision during planning and production.

Highly regarded throughout the world, Rascor's experts assist the partners on site or from head office in all aspects of diagnosis, design, planning, production and quality assurance. The company can provide guarantees for an integral package of services from the planning/design of the waterproofing scheme to the completed waterproof structure. The client and the designer enjoy all the benefits of single-point responsibility with no headaches over the contentious issue of liability in case of failures: they are entitled to a waterproof structure and Rascor is responsible for providing it.

By the pooling and exchange of knowledge and experience gathered from projects and sources worldwide, and the maintenance of a central technical database, Rascor has achieved a concentration of know-how as yet unrivalled in the construction sector. This, coupled with intensive training programmes held regularly for Rascor partners, ensures top quality and state-of-the-art solutions to meet the most challenging of briefs. The systems implemented by the group are almost exclusively based on products developed, formulated and produced by Rascor alone, and are protected by numerous patents.

RASCOflex - Reliable Waterproofing System

RASCOflex grouts are based on environmentally friendly two-component acrylic resins and are available in a wide variety of formulations. Key features include their extremely low viscosity and surface tension - they are able to permeate and completely fill pores, capillaries, cracks, joints, voids and honeycombed areas, polymerising into an elastic, neutral end product. Even soiled or oily substrates hardly impair performance. RASCOflex is used for remedial work to all types of building and civil engineering structure to combat water infiltration or leakages of water and other liquids, or merely to consolidate rock and subsoil. The product is also used for preventive or remedial waterproofing of road and rail underpasses, troughed concrete structures for cuttings and cut-and-cover, concrete pavements, retaining walls, bridges, avalanche protection structures, viaducts and aqueducts, tunnels, headings, caverns, ground consolidation, and mine shafts. RASCOflex may also be used for potable water applications.
The whole process of waterproofing is executed in a single operation and is independent of the quantity or pressure of water encountered.

Specialist civil engineering for waterproofing

RASCOtec - Waterproofing Joints

RASCOtec patented injection channels, injection collars, expansion joint units, crack-inducing and stop end units are used for the waterproofing of construction and expansion joints.
RASCOtec systems are mainly used for waterproofing in general construction and special civil engineering works. They prevent the infiltration of water, whether or not under pressure, and are also used for structural bonding and grouting for all types of joint in concrete, such as: shrinkage joints; major structural joints; expansion joints; butt joints; junctions between elastic and rigid membranes; horizontal and vertical construction joints; joints between precast units; pipe and cable penetrations; pipe connections; groundwater relief pipes; and piezometers.

An increasing number of designers have come to appreciate the technical and economic merits of Rascor systems over the last few years. Recent tunnelling projects include: over twenty new-build sewage treatment works in Switzerland; extension of the freight facility at Zurich-Kloten Airport; three tunnels on the N2 Basel-France motorway link; over fifty underground railway stations in Germany and Austria; sections of the Storebaelt tunnel in Denmark; various stations and tunnels on London Underground; and underground car parks throughout Europe.

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