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“When it comes to reinforcing, sealing and anchoring we do not compromise.”

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We are your global partner for state-of-the-art mixing and injection technology. Wherever building sites, rock, anchorages or tunnel constructions need to be reinforced or sealed we are at work.

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HAENY HCM High Shear mixers (colloidal mixers) for Cement, ultra-fine Cement, Bentonite and other admixtures.

  • Excellent mixing quality
  • High capacity
  • Low wear
  • Manual operation or with automated weighbatching system


The HRW agitators are used as holding tanks between the HCM batch mixers and the pump. In the slowly revolving agitator, the grout suspensions are homogenized and possible air bubbles removed.

Grout Pumps

Grout Pumps

  • High and low pressure grouting
  • Backfilling
  • Automatic Pressure Control System APC
  • Low wear plunger system
  • Different plunger sizes for one pump type
  • Pressures up to 200 bar
  • Output up to 13 m3/hr
  • Particle size up to 8 mm
Compact Grout Plants

Compact Grout Plants

The INJECTO-COMPACT (IC) grout plants consist of a HCM High Shear Mixer, a HRW Agitator and a ZMP Grout Pump.

  • Suitable for all grouting applications with cement and ultra-fine cement
  • Bentonite suspensions for microtunnelling, pipe jacking and directional drilling
  • Ergonomic, space saving
  • Central lifting position
  • The components can easily be detached from the unit for individual use
Recording Systems

Recording Systems

  • Recording System with PC software
  • Recording of data of up to 4 grout lines
  • Recording of data on USB Memory Stick
  • Real-Time recording on PC
  • Graphical display of P+Q curves
  • Flow recording by inductive flow meters or pump strokes counter