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Our wide range of fibres give you the support your project needs. Depending on the application, we have the right fibre for you at the right price. Our Dramix® 3D fibres are at their best in shotcrete applications for first lining and temporary support. The Dramix® 4D product range is ideal for final lining of tunnels or shafts, either to be used in spray concrete linings or precast segments. Dramix® 5D offers superior results in final lining cast in-situ. Synmix® fibres are macro-synthetic fibres and can be used for temporary support in mining.

To complete our portfolio, we also offer micro-synthetic fibres called Duomix® M6 Fire that increase the fire resistance of concrete.

By providing a unique combination of technical expertise and products, Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions offers highly innovative, practical and flexible solutions for each step of your underground project. Discover the possibilities to add efficiency, value and safety to your project!

Benefit from our full service:

End of last year, the Lee Tunnel Project won the Concrete Society Award. This was the first tunnel ever to be nominated in 48 years of the awards. The designer and the contractor decided to replace the traditional reinforcement with steel fibres, about 17000 tons of rebar was replaced with >2000 tons of the Dramix® 5D steel fibres.

This game-changing Dramix® 5D series provides designers with new opportunities to design steel fibre concrete structures for both underground and surface works and enables contractors to build faster and safer solutions.